Mauridhi Hery Purnomo

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Thin blood film is used to know type and phase of the malaria parasite, but which is widely used in Indonesia is the thick blood film. Therefore we need a method that can identify parasites in thick blood film image with a high percentage of accuracy. This research aims to establish a more objective classification system and reduce the subjective factors of(More)
Principal component analysis (PCA) and linear descriminant analysis (LDA) are an extraction method based on appearance with the global structure features. The global structure features have a weakness; that is the local structure features can not be characterized. Whereas locality preserving projection (LPP) and orthogonal laplacianfaces (OLF) methods are(More)
Abstract— Dental radiographs are essential in diagnosing the pathology of the jaw. However, similar radiographic appearance of jaw lesions causes difficulties in differentiating cyst from tumor. Therefore, we conducted a development of computer-aided classification system for cyst and tumor lesions in dental panoramic images. The proposed system consists of(More)
This paper introduces a solution for the problem of dealing with the student personalization in e-learning and virtual classrooms. Dual problem relating to LOs presentation in the best appropriate way to the student and conduct the tests in a way that allows him to answer according to his cognitive style and giving him more trials to answer . IMS SS(More)
Malaria remains a public health problem in Indonesia. There are still many deaths caused by malaria, particularly in eastern Indonesia. There are two types of blood perform in malaria, thick blood film and thin blood film. In Indonesia, thin blood film is used more frequently than thick blood film. Malaria parasites can be found in thick blood film rapidly(More)
Facial emotional expressions recognition (FEER) is important research fields to study how human beings reflect to environments in affective computing. With the rapid development of multimedia technology especially image processing, facial emotional expressions recognition researchers have achieved many useful result. If we want to recognize the human's(More)
A system consists of a text classifier and Fuzzy Inference System (FIS) to build a life-like virtual character capable of expressing emotion from a text input is proposed. The system classifies emotional content of sentence(s) from text input and expresses corresponding emotion by a facial expression. Text input is classified using the text classifier,(More)
Localization is the first step in osteoarthritis (OA) classification. Manual classification, however, is time-consuming, tedious, and expensive. The proposed system is designed as decision support system for medical doctors to classify the severity of knee OA. A method has been proposed here to localize a joint space area for OA and then classify it in 4(More)