Mauricio van den Berg

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The performance of solution processed polymer:fullerene thin film photovoltaic cells is largely determined by the nanoscopic and mesoscopic morphology of these blends that is formed during the drying of the layer. Although blend morphologies have been studied in detail using a variety of microscopic, spectroscopic, and scattering techniques and a large(More)
We have searched the OGLE-II archive for candidate counterparts of X-ray sources detected in two low-extinction windows included in our Galactic bulge Chandra/HST survey. We find that a significant number— i.e. in excess of the expected level of random associations—can be matched with probable M-giants. Their X-ray properties can be understood if these(More)
We introduce the Chandra Multiwavelength Plane (ChaMPlane) Survey, designed to measure or constrain the populations of low-luminosity (L x > ∼ 10 31 erg s −1) accreting white dwarfs, neutron stars and stellar mass black holes in the Galactic Plane and Bulge. ChaMPlane incorporates two surveys, X-ray (Chandra) and optical (NOAO 4m-Mosaic imaging), and a(More)
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