Mauricio dos Santos Kaster

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This paper deals with compensation algorithm schemes used in single-phase Power Quality Conditioners (PQC's), allowing harmonic suppression and sag/swell compensation of the input voltage. In(More)
This paper presents an electronic AC power system, with power factor correction, to drive and control the current of LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes). The power factor correction and the controlled DC(More)
This work presents a comparative study between four control strategies applied to a buck converter: Linear PID, Adaptive nonlinear PID with Gaussian Gain Functions (ANLPID-GGF), Linear Quadratic(More)
In this paper, the proposal of an adaptive PID based on Gaussian functions is presented. Gaussian functions are of interest because they are smooth, with smooth derivatives, upper and lower bounded(More)
A performance comparison of four control techniques (PID, LQR, SDRE and ANLPID-GGF) applied to a Buck converter is presented. The controllers are set so the operating point of the closed loop system(More)
This paper presents an Optimal-Pole-Placement Control (OPPC) combined with Feedforward (FF) scheme to control a 1φ-3L-NPC-Inverter. The OPPC is an optimal linear state feedback control that(More)