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The content of water in cancerous and normal human prostate in vitro tissues was shown to be different using near infrared (NIR) spectroscopy. The water absorption peaks at 1444 nm and 1944 nm are observed in both types of prostate tissues. The measurements show that less water is contained in cancerous tissues than in normal tissues. The OH stretching(More)
The image of an object hidden in highly scattering media was reconstructed using a fast, noise-resistant algorithm newly applied to diffusion tomography. A pulsed light source producing scattered and transmitted light is examined at multiple times. Multiple source detector pairs around the medium are used to obtain data in many different directions. An(More)
Optical imaging and localization of objects inside a highly scattering medium, such as a tumor in the breast, is a challenging problem with many practical applications. Conventional imaging methods generally provide only two-dimensional (2-D) images of limited spatial resolution with little diagnostic ability. Here we present an inversion algorithm that(More)
A new type of computer-controlled optical scanning, high-magnification imaging system with a large field of view is described that overcomes the commonly believed incompatibility of achieving both high magnification and a large field of view. The new system incorporates galvanometer scanners, a CCD camera, and a high-brightness LED source for the fast(More)
A remote, small-size spectroscopic-based device called Compact Photonics Explorer (CPE) was designed, assembled, and tested for medical and non-medical spectroscopic and imaging applications. Spatial images acquired using the spectroscopic CPE are presented. Operational principles are demonstrated for various biomedical and non-medical applications.
Transillumination images of objects hidden in normal and cancerous human breast tissues and bovine, porcine, and gallinaceous (chicken) tissues as well as model-random-scattering media were recorded with 1250-nm light from a chromium-doped forsterite laser. A Fourier space gate and a polarization gate were used to sort out image-bearing photons and(More)
In this paper we assess Bayesian estimation and prediction using integrated Laplace approximation (INLA) on a stochastic volatility model. This was performed through a Monte Carlo study with 1000 simulated time series. To evaluate the estimation method, two criteria were considered: the bias and square root of the mean square error (smse). The criteria used(More)
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