Mauricio Zarate

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An outbreak of classical dengue fever occurred from March to August 1988 in the city of Taxco, Guerrero State, Mexico. Taxco is at an elevation of 1,700 meters above sea level, and this study represents the highest altitude at which an outbreak of dengue has been documented. An investigation was conducted to obtain serologic confirmation of dengue(More)
BACKGROUND Drug resistance threatens global tuberculosis (TB) control efforts. Population-based estimates of drug resistance are needed to develop strategies for controlling drug-resistant TB in Mexico. OBJECTIVE To obtain population-based data on Mycobacterium tuberculosis drug resistance in Mexico. METHODS To obtain drug resistance data, we conducted(More)
Two outbreaks of encephalitis consistent with an etiology of Venezuelan equine encephalitis (VEE) virus occurred in equines on the Pacific coast of southern Mexico in 1993 (Chiapas State) and in 1996 (Oaxaca State). In Chiapas, there were 125 cases, of which 63 were fatal and in Oaxaca, there were 32 cases and 12 fatalities. Virus was isolated from two(More)
A serologic survey was conducted in south-western Mexico to obtain information on human experience with arbovirus infections. Sera were collected from two semitropical areas along the Pacific coast of Oaxaca State, two mountain areas above 1,700 meters and the interior valley at 1,500 meters. Of the 610 sera tested for group A antibody, 4.9 per cent were(More)
Because measles causes an estimated 2 million deaths per year among children in developing countries, including a substantial proportion of infants less than nine months old--the age at which vaccination is recommended--there has been interest in using different strains of vaccine and higher doses to achieve immunization of younger infants. We conducted a(More)
OBJECTIVES Direct aortic deployment of a transcatheter aortic valve eliminates the need to traverse the aortic arch with the valve delivery system, enables placement of large sheaths in the aorta and innominate artery, provides maximal precision during deployment and ensures a safe, conventional surgical aortotomy closure. We describe the initial experience(More)
Dengue epidemics in three Mexican cities were investigated with retrospective surveys and virus isolations from acute cases. These epidemics were part of the continuing extension of dengue in Mexico since 1978 after 15 years without transmission. Serotype 1 dengue infection predominated in all epidemics, but in one city, type 2 strains were also isolated.(More)