Mauricio Solar

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This article describes an IT-based, eGov-centered and capabilitiesdriven model for assessing e-government capabilities and maturity of public agencies. It is the result of an e-government project of the Chilean government now under field testing. The proposed model is based on the three axis of a cube: the information criteria supporting the business(More)
Governments worldwide are encouraging public agencies to join e-Government initiatives in order to provide better services to their citizens and businesses; hence, methods of evaluating the readiness of individual public agencies to execute specific e-Government programs and directives are a key ingredient in the successful expansion of e-Government. To(More)
In this article a maturity model is proposed, named OD-MM (Open Data Maturity Model) to assess the commitment and capabilities of public agencies in pursuing the principles and practices of open data. The OD-MM model has a three level hierarchical structure, called domains, sub-domains and critical variables. Four capacity levels are defined for each of the(More)
Worldwide Artificial Intelligence research has witnessed fast and growing advances. These contributions mainly came from first-world nations as other research priorities and needs have been undertaken by less-developed countries. Nevertheless some Latin American countries have put significant efforts into AI research so as to advance in the state-of-the-art(More)
Evaluating readiness of individual public agencies to execute specific e-Government programs and directives is a key ingredient for wider eGovernment deployment and success. This article describes how the eGov-MM model was used to over 30 many Chilean public agencies and to identify specific areas in which each of them should focus improvement efforts.(More)
E-government initiatives are being carried out by countries all around the world, to provide better services to citizens and business. Chile is not an exception in this trend and its e-government implementation strategy is considering international best practices. This paper presents the main findings of a survey conducted over a sample of ten countries;(More)