Mauricio Restrepo

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Many different proposals exist for the definition of lower and upper approximation operators in covering-based rough sets. In this paper, we establish relationships between the most commonly used operators, using especially concepts of duality, conjugacy and adjointness (also referred to as Galois connection). We highlight the importance of the adjointness(More)
Covering based rough sets are a generalization of classical rough sets, in which the traditional partition of the universe induced by an equivalence relation is replaced by a covering. Many definitions have been proposed for the lower and upper approximations within this setting. In this paper, we recall the most important ones and organize them into(More)
Covering based Rough Sets are an important generalization of Rough Set Theory. Basically, they replace the partition generated from an equivalence relation by a covering. In this context many approximation operators can be defined [16, 26, 27, 28, 34]. In this paper we want to discover relationships among approximation operators defined from neighborhoods.(More)
Our aim was to characterize glomerular monocytes (Mo) infiltration and to correlate them with peripheral circulating Mo subsets and severity of lupus nephritis (LN). Methods. We evaluated 48 LN biopsy samples from a referral hospital. Recognition of Mo cells was done using microscopic view and immunohistochemistry stain with CD14 and CD16. Based on the(More)
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