Mauricio Restrepo-Escobar

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Pancreatic disorders, such as chronic or acute pancreatitis, and carcinoma may be infrequently accompanied or preceded by panniculitis or polyarthritis. This triad is known in the literature as the pancreatitis, panniculitis, and polyarthritis syndrome. Although the pancreatic disease of pancreatitis, panniculitis, and polyarthritis syndrome usually(More)
OBJECTIVE To develop a multivariable clinical prediction model for the requirement of aggressive immunosuppression with cytostatics, based on simple clinical record data and lab tests. The model is defined in accordance with the result of the kidney biopsies. METHODS Retrospective study conducted with data from patients 16 years and older, with SLE and(More)
Background: Colchicine is often used in patients with osteoarthritis in which calcium pyrophosphate crystal deposition disease is suspected. Colchicine has also been used by many rheumatologists in clinical practice, and in some trials, on patients with primary osteoarthritis (apparently unrelated to calcium pyrophosphate). However, its role in the(More)
Objective Before using a test, it should be determined whether the results are reliable. The reliability of the interpretation of renal biopsy in patients with lupus nephritis has not been clearly elucidated. Our objective was to estimate inter and intra-observer reliability of the histological classification, as well as activity and chronicity indices in(More)
Sir, We read with keen interest the article ‘Correlation of 24-hour urinary protein quantification with spot urine protein: creatinine ratio in lupus nephritis’, which was recently published in your journal. In the article, the authors observed a strong correlation between a random spot urine protein/creatinine ratio and 24-h quantification of urinary(More)
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