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The antifungal effect of three furyl compounds closely related to resveratrol, (E)-3,4,5-trimethoxy-β-(2-furyl)-styrene (1), (E)-4-methoxy-β-(2-furyl)-styrene (2) and (E)-3,5-dimethoxy-β-(2-furyl)-styrene (3) against Botrytis cinerea was analyzed. The inhibitory effect, at 100 µg ml(-1) of compounds 1, 2, 3 and resveratrol on conidia germination, was(More)
Satellite cells are a small cell population that function as muscle-specific adult stem cells. When muscle damage occurs, these cells are able to activate, proliferate, and ultimately fuse with each other in order to form new myofibers or fuse with existing ones. For tissue engineering applications, obtaining a sufficient number of myoblasts prior(More)
The photoelectrocatalytic reduction of CO2 on ITO-modified electrodes, with electrostatic assemblies (polycations/quantum dots) (polycations=poly diallyldimethylammonium, PDDA, and poly(2-trimethylammonium)ethyl methacrylate, PMAEMA)), is described in the present work. Nanoparticles of CdTe (5.6 nm) were incorporated through an electric field directed(More)
The electrochemical reduction of carbon dioxide is studied herein by using conducting polymers based on metallotetraruthenated porphyrins (MTRPs). The polymers on glassy carbon electrodes were obtained by electropolymerization processes of the monomeric MTRP. The linear sweep voltammetry technique resulted in polymeric films that showed electrocatalytic(More)
In the present work, known concentration of sulfite aqueous solutions in the presence and absence of gallic acid was measured to corroborate the validity of modified Monier-Williams method. Free and bound-sulfite was estimated by differential pulse voltammetry. To our surprise, the modified Monier-Williams method (also known as aspiration method) showed to(More)
This paper describes the changes in the luminescent properties of the tris-(4,7-diphenyl-1,10-phenanthroline)(3)Cr(III), [Cr(dip)(3)](3+) complex in an aqueous solution of three polyelectrolytes containing cyclohexyl, phenyl or 1-naphthyl groups in the side chain. When the polyelectrolytes form hydrophobic microdomains the luminescence of [Cr(dip)(3)](3+)(More)
An electrochemical technique was used to investigate pKa values of some substituted secondary alicyclic (SA) amines, pyridines (py), anilines (AN), and triethylamine (Et3N) in different ionic liquids. The method involves cyclic voltammetry at a platinized Pt electrode. The experimental data were correlated with pKa values reported previously in aqueous(More)
Polymer scaffolds are used as an alternative to support tissue regeneration when it does not occur on its own. Cell response on polymer scaffolds is determined by factors such as polymer composition, topology, and the presence of other molecules. We evaluated the cellular response of murine skeletal muscle myoblasts on aligned or unaligned fibers obtained(More)
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