Mauricio Castaño

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A new disease of rice, known as ‘entorchamiento’ (crinkling), was first noticed in the Department of Meta, Colombia, in 1991. Symptoms include seedling death, foliar striping and severe plant malformation. Tissue extracts and purified preparations from diseased rice plants, contained virus-like particles ca. 20 nm in diameter, with a bimodal length of 260(More)
In the Americas, different disease symptoms have been reported in cassava including leaf mosaics, vein clearings, mottles, ring spots, leaf distortions and undeveloped and deformed storage roots. Some viruses have been identified and associated with these symptoms while others have been reported in symptomless plants or latent infections. We observed that(More)
The induction of several SOS genes of Escherichia coli by fluoroquinolones has been studied. Three different SOS gene fusions (recA::lacZ, umuC::lacZ and sulA::lacZ) have been introduced into the E.coli MC1061 strain to study the induction of these SOS genes in the same genetic background. Data on the basal level of expression of these fusions, as well as(More)
The temperature-independent clone of Rhodobacter capsulatus UA7041, carrying the temperature-sensitive plasmid pMT1000, has been obtained by selection for plasmid markers at the non-permissive temperature. The transfer to Escherichia coli of all drug resistance encoded by pMT1000 was of about 10(-7) when the donor was the UA7041 strain, and of 5 x 10(-4)(More)
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