Mauricio Capra

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This paper focuses on orchestration work in the first iteration of a mobile game called Day Of The Figurines, which explores the potential to exploit text messaging as a means of creating an engaging gaming experience. By focusing on orchestration we are especially concerned with the ‘cooperative work that makes the game work’. While the assemblage or(More)
Pervasive gaming is a new form of multimedia entertainment that extends the traditional computer gaming experience out into the real world. Through a combination of personal devices, positioning systems and other multimedia sensors, combined with wireless networking, a pervasive game can respond to a player's movements and context and enable them to(More)
In current authoring tools for location-aware applications the designer typically places trigger zones onto a map of the target environment and associates these with events and media assets. However, studies of deployed experiences have shown that the characteristics of the usually invisible ubiquitous computing infrastructure, especially limited coverage(More)
The motivation for this project was to find a way to give engineers, and the community affected by Civil Engineering work, information that is often difficult to visualise via computer screens, 2D plans or even scale models. We developed a Digital Scale Model using the existing expertise at the University of Nottingham on Space Geodesy and Mixed Reality.(More)
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