Mauricio Campos

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Although the effects of antidepressants in brain neurochemistry have been extensively studied, there are scarce and inconsistent data on the effect of these drugs in learning and memory. The authors studied the effect of daily administration of a single dose of either clomipramine or desipramine, two monoamine-reuptake-inhibitors with preferential(More)
Chronic pain reduces quality of life and affects patients' emotional well-being. When technologies for monitoring and reporting emotions are applied to people suffering from chronic pain, mental health problems may be detected, allowing health professionals to improve patients' treatments and understand their patients in real contexts. However, older(More)
Cognitive output of a neuropsychological stimulation program in an elderly day care center with low educated participants. An observational study Cognitive output of a neuropsychological stimulation program Nunes MVS, et al. ABSTRACT. Objective: In the present paper we present an observational study of the implementation of a Neuropsychological Stimulation(More)
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