Mauricio C. de Oliveira

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Erythrocytes undergo deformations when they transport O(2) and CO(2) across the membrane, yet the 3D nanomechanics of the skeletal network remains poorly understood. Expanding from our previous single isolated unit, we now simulate networks consisting of 1-10 concentric rings of repeating units in equibiaxial deformation. The networks are organized with (1)(More)
A number of Linear Matrix Inequality (LMI) conditions for the design of gain-scheduled quadratic H<sub>&#x221E;</sub> output-feedback controllers can be found in the literature under a variety of assumptions on both the system as well as the controller structure. The first contribution of the present paper is to provide a catalog of such conditions,(More)
The Kalman-Yakubovich-Popov (KYP) lemma is a useful tool in control theory, since it relates frequency-domain inequalities (FDIs) to linear matrix inequalities (LMIs). In the last decade, the standard KYP lemma was extended to cope with finite frequency intervals, namely low, middle and high frequencies. This extension is known as the generalized KYP lemma(More)
In this paper the problem of H<sub>2</sub> filtering for uncertain time-invariant discrete-time systems is investigated. The proposed filter has a structure that makes use of auxiliary past output measurements from the system, yielding a filter of higher order. A new convex design procedure to synthesize H<sub>2</sub> guaranteed cost filters is proposed in(More)
The effect of several nutritional and environmental parameters on Penicillium purpurogenum growth and sacharogenic amylase production was analyzed. High enzyme levels (68.2 U mg(-1)) were obtained with Khanna medium at initial pH 6.0, incubated at 30°C for 144 hours. The optimum pH and temperature activities were 5.0 and 65°C, respectively. The enzyme(More)
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