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The goal of the Touring Machine project is to provide a reliable and extensible software platform that supports independently-developed distributed multimedia applications. The project includes an experimental testbed composed of a network of desktop video and audio devices controlled via user workstations. Touring Machine is more than a research testbed;(More)
The Touring Machine project comprises a series of systems experiments that address key technica l questions important to realizing a public communications infrastructure in support of multimedi a applications. One of the major design objectives is to create a software infrastructure tha t investigates potential uses of modern distributed-computing paradigms(More)
Ventilator-associated pneumonia (VAP) is one of the most important infectious diseases in the intensive care unit (ICU). In some series the attributable mortality of VAP may reach 30%, and the adequacy of the initial empirical treatment greatly influences the prognosis. Treatment failure can be anticipated in approximately 30 to 40% of patients developing(More)
<i>Vanishing Point</i> is a presentation of the world as it responds to international newspaper coverage - not a measure of what the world is, but of what is most newsworthy. Consequently, countries that receive less media coverage gradually disappear from view. It consists of an interactive world map connected to a database fed by international news(More)
Over-the-top Web 2.0 services are generating profound business and technical impact in the Telecommunications industry. On the business front the industry is reacting with deployments of Web 2.0-type services and by exploring non-traditional business models. On the technical side, Web 2.0 communications services such as social networking and micro-blogging(More)
A review is presented of the characteristics of 432 users of the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) Control Program sponsored by the Public Health Departmental Laboratory of Antioquia, Colombia, who were seen between July 1988 and June 1989. The prevalence of seropositivity to HIV was 29.4%, while that of AIDS was 6.7%. Eight of the seropositive subjects(More)
Staged circuit switching (SCS) is a message-switching technique that combines a new protocol with new communication hardware. Protocol and hardware are designed specifically for networks that are intended to function as integrated, general-purpose MIMD machines, i.e. for "network computers". The SCS protocol is a form of circuit switching that degrades(More)