Mauricio A Loureiro

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Dengue fever is the most common infectious disease transmitted by a mosquito and a major economic and disease burden in endemic countries. The reported number of dengue cases in 2013 evidences the disease's disturbing impact on human health in Brazil: 950,193 clinical cases, 3,749 with severe manifestations, and 201 deaths (data up to July 13, 2013 by the(More)
In this study the movement patterns of ten expert musicians are quantitatively related to expressive timing patterns and the music structure during performances. The hypothesis is that ancillary gestures recurrently employed are closely related to expressive intentions, and that the expressive content imposed in key musical passages is thus reflected in the(More)
In order to represent the variety of sounds a musical instrument may produce, it is necessary to find a model that can cope with sound features independent from its scale. In this work, several models of timbre characterization were applied to sample notes in several intensity levels across the whole extension of a clarinet. These models were based on(More)
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