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A computer model for a hot gas-fluidized bed has been developed. The theoretical description is based on a two-fluid model (TFM) approach in which both phases are considered to be continuous and fully interpenetrating. Local wall-to-bed heat-transfer coefficients have been calculated by the simultaneous solution of the TFM conservation of mass, momentum and(More)
Ray-tracing fur is a challenge because hairs on a typical animal hide are numerous, thin and closely spaced. This sketch describes some of the techniques implemented in our proprietary ray tracer CGIStudio™ used at Blue Sky Studios to render not only fur but also feathers and grass in Ice Age: the Melt Down (IATM). To illustrate the difficulties consider(More)
Even a casual search turns up many renderers that call themselves "production renderer"---some of them relatively unknown, others known to be of very high standard. In addition to these sources, many of the large studios have their own renderers, investing significantly into the resources required to develop this technology. This panel explores the reasons(More)
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