Maurice Victor

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No coherent theory has been advanced to explain either the particular localization of the myelinolytic lesions of central pontine myelinolysis or their pathogenesis. However, several lines of evidence support the generalization that the centre of the basis pontis has a special susceptibility to a metabolic fault. The constancy of localization of the lesion(More)
I is now well accepted that alcohol abuse and dependence are biomed­ ical disorders and are not the result of personal moral turpitude or depravi­ ty. However, 40 years ago, the con­ ceptualization of alcohol problems as illness rather than personal deviancy was not well accepted in American society. Scholars have noted that “the transformation of(More)
Two siblings with Gaucher's disease developed a chronic, slowly progressive neurologic disorder in early adult life. Stimulus-sensitive myoclonus, generalized seizures, supranuclear gaze palsies, and cerebellar ataxia were the main clinical features. Autopsy disclosed perivascular Gaucher cells in the brain, and nerve cell loss and neuronophagia in the(More)
The clinical and pathologic findings in 20 patients with hypertensive encephalopathy were reviewed. The dominant central nervous system (CNS) symptoms were altered state of consciousness and severe headache. Nausea, vomiting, and visual disturbances were less common. Seizures and focal signs were infrequent. The changes seen were invariably accompanied both(More)