Maurice R. J. A. E. Kwakkernaat

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In May 2011, the Grand Cooperative Driving Challenge (GCDC) was held, providing the possibility for teams to develop and compare their cooperative driving solutions in a competitive setting. The challenge was organized to further accelerate developments in the area of cooperative driving. Nine international teams challenged each other to handle both an(More)
This paper describes the modelling of scattering caused by irregular surfaces as a basis for implementation in ray-tracing methods. An approach is presented in a first attempt to model the dispersive effects, caused by scattering on surfaces which have “random” irregularities, directly at the receiver. The method is based on assigning an effective(More)
The increasing demand for shared awareness in multi-platform sensor systems requires advanced wireless information sharing techniques. The analysis of these techniques requires information about communication resources and latency to be available in models. The work presented here introduces generic low complexity models that describe the probability of(More)
This paper presents a novel direction-finding (DF) system based on a 3-axis crossed antenna array in combination with threedimensional Unitary ESPRIT. The application and design considerations are discussed and the implemented antenna array is shown. The 3-D Unitary ESPRIT algorithm is modified to solve a rank-deficiency problem in order to obtain better(More)
A key problem in high-resolution multidimensional parameter estimation via unitary ESPRIT is to jointly solve a set of invariance equations by means of least-squares minimization. It has been shown previously that existing least-squares techniques fail when applied to the category of cross arrays, which consist of perpendicular uniform linear arrays(More)
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