Maurice Pouzet

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Soit A un ensemble non vide appeh5 alphabet et dont les 6lCments sont appel6s ktfres. Un mot extrait de A est une application u de X dans A oh X est l’un des ensembles 2, N, [0, 1,2, . . . , n[; dans ce dernier cas, le mot est fini et sa longueur est a. Un mot u est un sow-mot du mof u lorsqu’il est identique (aprk renumhotation des lettres) h la(More)
Prompted by a recent question of G. Hjorth [12] as to whether a bounded Urysohn space is indivisible, that is to say has the property that any partition into finitely many pieces has one piece which contains an isometric copy of the space, we answer this question and more generally investigate partitions of countable metric spaces. We show that an(More)
It was proved few years ago that classes of Boolean functions definable by means of functional equations [9], or equivalently, by means of relational constraints [15], coincide with initial segments of the quasi-ordered set (Ω,≤) made of the set Ω of Boolean functions, suitably quasi-ordered. The resulting ordered set (Ω/ ≡,⊑) embeds into ([ω] ,⊆), the set(More)
Seventy-four post-pubertal young women with menstrual disturbances of a functional nature were treated with 20 mg of dydrogesterone per day from the 16th to the 25th day of the cycle for three cycles. Overall efficacy was considered satisfactory, results being significantly more positive with regard to disturbances in the duration of the cycle rather than(More)
A tournament is acyclically indecomposable if no acyclic autonomous set of vertices has more than one element. We identify twelve infinite acyclically indecomposable tournaments and prove that every infinite acyclically indecomposable tournament contains a subtournament isomorphic to one of these tournaments. The profile of a tournament T is the function φT(More)