Maurice MacDonald

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This paper examines the relationship between wage rates and the racial composition of jobs, using large cross-sectional and longitudinal samples constructed from monthly Current Population Surveys for 1983–92. Support is found for a "quality sorting" model that posits an equilibrium in which the racial composition of jobs serves as a skill index of(More)
In determining eligibility for Food Stamps, income is indexed to account for inflation rates; assets, however, are not. Moreover, the assets that are taken into account when determining eligibility do not include home equity. This paper explores the effects of indexing assets to account for inflation and of counting home equity over and above $10,000 on the(More)
Previous research has characterized toll free hotline users, but has not evaluated their satisfaction with this consumer service. Using a telephone survey of callers to the state-established Wisconsin consumer protection "Hotline," we study satisfaction with the Hotline and related services. Subgroups of the Wisconsin population that use the Hotline are(More)
This paper presents preliminary estimates of the number of persons eligible for food stamps, on average throughout 1974, for each state and the nation. Previous estimates of the number of food-stamp eligibles have all been based on national household sample data that did not allow an adequate allocation of the resultant national figure among states. By(More)
The definition of economic well-being was evaluated for different household types in Wisconsin to recommend standards of need for Aid to Families with Dependent Children during 1985-87. Survey data for this purpose were obtained from the Wisconsin Basic Needs Study, in which the same households were interviewed five times and three two-week expenditure(More)
In 1994, after more than a century of uncertain legal status, the Province of Ontario legalized midwifery and incorporated midwives into the formal health care system. Midwifery is now accessible and publicly funded for all women experiencing "normal" uncomplicated pregnancy and birth. Yet midwifery's move from the margins into the mainstream health care(More)
This paper analyzes three bills to reform the food stamp program: S.2451, sponsored by Senators McGovern and Dole; S.2537, the Administration's proposal; and S.1993, sponsored by Senator Buckley. The most important provisions of these reform bills are summarized and evaluated, emphasizing proposed income maximums for eligibility and changes in benefit(More)
This paper presents preliminary results of a study to evaluate the effects of Wisconsin's percentage-of-gross-income-child support standard and income withholding on the employment behavior of noncustodial parents. Data from court records and a telephone survey that was carried out after a demonstration of a child support assurance system was implemented in(More)