Maurice Müller

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— Automatic sensing of the environment is a fundamental scientific issue in robotics, since it is essential for autonomous mobile robot systems. In previous works, we presented a 6D SLAM algorithm which is based on the spatial data from the AIS 3D Laser Scanner and a variant of the iterative closest points algorithm (ICP). In this paper we focused on the(More)
PURPOSE Gabapentin is a recently available anticonvulsant whose mechanism of action remains unknown. We suspected efficacy from serendipitous observations of gabapentin in patients with parkinsonism. This led us to a double-blind, placebo-controlled, crossover trial. PATIENTS AND METHODS We administered gabapentin in a placebo-controlled, double-blind,(More)
Our serendipitous observations suggested that some patients with spasticity appeared to have improved following the administration of the anticonvulsant drug gabapentin. As some patients with spasticity are either refractory to or intolerant of established medical treatments, we conducted this study to investigate the effect of gabapentin on spasticity in(More)
In order to define the technical modalities of the so-called transgluteal approach to the hip, the authors studied the structure and topography of the anatomic features encountered in this approach. The gluteus medius, gluteus minimus and vastus lateralis muscles are anatomically continuous by way of their tendinous fibers. The gluteus minimus muscle winds(More)
The cell membrane separates the inside of a cell from the outside world. Embedded in the lipid bilayer, the membrane proteins are the doors of the cells. With typical dimensions of 5-10 nm membrane proteins are nanomachines that fulfill key functions such as energy conversion, solute transport, secretion and signal transduction. Their central role in a wide(More)
Direct joint distraction of the hip facilitates the performance of Chiari's osteotomy on a standard operating table as opposed to the classic procedure on the traction table. Some useful modifications of the original technique include a guide wire to control the direction of the osteotomy, insertion of an additional bone graft to provide better anterior(More)