Maurice Le Blanc

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A new class of indanones 4 easily obtained by aryne type condensations, followed by transposition of the benzocyclobutanols 3 thus formed, were transformed into the corresponding oximinopropanolamines 7. These compounds were studied for their potential beta-blocking properties. It was found that 7 have generally low beta 1-blocking properties. Their beta(More)
A new family of beta-blocking drugs is described. The originality of the new molecules lies in their functionalized hydrophobic folded structure, the basic part of which contains a benzocyclobutene ring. Excellent beta 2-blocker selectivity has been obtained with some of these compounds. Interestingly, this selectivity was not modified toward beta 1-blocker(More)
Cultures of lymphoblastoid Namalva cells have been used to check the absence of toxic impurities in fluorocarbons destined for biomedical applications. The test comprises the measurement of growth rate and viability in the presence of the fluorocarbon, and of growth after reseeding. It was used to establish a procedure for the detoxification of a family of(More)
  • Jan H. Vranken, Pascal De Decker, +18 authors INGE VAN NIEUWENHUYZE
  • 2002
Urban governance, social inclusion and sustainability. Towards a conceptual framework 2 UGIS UGIS is the acronym of the international research project "Urban Governance, Social Inclusion and Sustainability". The project is a part of Key Action 4 "City of Tomorrow and Cultural Heritage" from the programme "Energy, Environment and Sustainable Development"(More)
Carbohydrates are very good tracers for the authenticity assessment of soluble (instant) coffee. Total glucose and total xylose were determined in 1002 samples of commercial soluble coffees using high-performance anion-exchange chromatography with pulsed amperometric detection (HPAEC-PAD) according to AOAC Method 995.13 and ISO standard 11292. The samples(More)
Notre collegue P. BOURRELLY, Assistant au Laboratoire de Cryptogamie du Museum National d'Histoire Naturelle de Paris, ayant donne dans cc meme periodique un article bibliographique tres complet 1) portant sur les travaux d'algologie et de limnologie botanique effectues recemment en France, nous avons cru faire oeuvre utile en publiant, d'accord avec lui,(More)
A novel series of 31 N-aryl dicyclopropyl ketone oxime ethers were synthesized and tested for their activity at alpha- and beta-adrenergic receptors. All of the compounds showed greater affinity for beta-than for alpha1-receptor sites. Some compounds had pure antagonist effects whereas some were partial agonists. Several compounds had an antagonist effect(More)