Maurice Heemels

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In this paper, the stability of a networked control system (NCS) with time-varying delays is analyzed. A discrete-time state-space model is used to analyze the dynamics of the NCS. The delay is introduced by the network itself and is assumed to be upperbounded by a fraction of the sample-time. A typical motion control example is presented in which the(More)
<lb>This PhD thesis is dedicated to the study of robust stability analysis and<lb>control synthesis for discrete time uncertain switching systems under arbitrary<lb>switching. Polytopic uncertainties are considered. We show that Lyapunov func-<lb>tions that depend on the uncertain parameter and that take into account the<lb>structure of the system may be(More)
This paper considers discrete-time nonlinear, possibly discontinuous, systems in closed-loop with Model Predictive Controllers (MPC). The aim of the paper is to provide a priori sufficient conditions for asymptotic stability in the Lyapunov sense and robust stability, while allowing for both the system dynamics and the value function of the MPC cost (the(More)
In this paper we investigate the possibility of applying the hybrid Model Predictive Control (MPC) framework to solve a control problem regarding tracking of a moving vehicle. The study originates from the design of an adaptive cruise controller (ACC) of a Smart car, that aims to closely follow a reference trajectory transmitted by a leading vehicle. The(More)
In this paper an approach towards sheet control in a printer paper path is presented. To make the control problem feasible, the complex overall control question is formulated in a hierarchical control set-up with a low level motor control part and a high level sheet control part. To understand the essence of the sheet control problem we consider a basic(More)
This paper describes a MATLAB Toolbox for the integrated design of Model Predictive Control (MPC) state-feedback control laws and the digital circuits implementing them. Explicit MPC laws can be designed using optimal and sub-optimal formulations, directly taking into account the specifications of the digital circuit implementing the control law (such as(More)
This paper studies the open-loop stabilization problem for bimodal systems with continuous vector field. It is based on the earlier work of the authors on the controllability problem for the same class of systems. A full characterization of stabilizability is established by presenting algebraic necessary and sufficient conditions. It turns out that this(More)
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