Maurice HT Ling

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BACKGROUND To automatically process large quantities of biological literature for knowledge discovery and information curation, text mining tools are becoming essential. Abbreviation recognition is related to NER and can be considered as a pair recognition task of a terminology and its corresponding abbreviation from free text. The successful identification(More)
Recent studies had found thousands of natural antisense transcripts originating from the same genomic loci of protein coding genes but from the opposite strand. It is unclear whether the majority of antisense transcripts are functional or merely transcriptional noise. Using the Affymetrix Exon array with a modified cDNA synthesis protocol that enables(More)
BACKGROUND Previously, gene normalization (GN) systems are mostly focused on disambiguation using contextual information. An effective gene mention tagger is deemed unnecessary because the subsequent steps will filter out false positives and high recall is sufficient. However, unlike similar tasks in the past BioCreative challenges, the BioCreative III GN(More)
A means to predict the effects of gene over-expression, knockouts, and environmental stimuli in silico is useful for system biologists to develop and test hypotheses. Several studies had predicted the expression of all Escherichia coli genes from sequences and reported a correlation of 0.301 between predicted and actual expression. However, these do not(More)
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