Maurice H. T. Ling

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The aim of this review is to find answers to some of the questions surrounding reference genes and their reliability for quantitative experiments. Reference genes are assumed to be at a constant expression level, over a range of conditions such as temperature. These genes, such as GADPH and beta-actin, are used extensively for gene expression studies using(More)
MontyLingua, an integral part of ConceptNet which is currently the largest commonsense knowledge base, is an English text processor developed using Python programming language in MIT Media Lab. The main feature of MontyLingua is the coverage for all aspects of English text processing from raw input text to semantic meanings and summary generation, yet each(More)
The exponential increase in publication rate of new articles is limiting access of researchers to relevant literature. This has prompted the use of text mining tools to extract key biological information. Previous studies have reported extensive modification of existing generic text processors to process biological text. However, this requirement for(More)
We reviewed the literature to determine the characteristics of corticosteroid-induced mental disturbances. We conclude that (1) while dosage may be correlated to the risk of developing mental disturbances, neither dosage nor duration of treatment seems to affect the time of onset, duration, severity, or type of mental disturbances; (2) euphoria, depression,(More)
The full-length cDNA of an excitatory insect selective neurotoxin was amplified from total cDNAs of venomous glands of the scorpion Buthus martensi Karsch (BmK) using the 3'RACE and 5'RACE (rapid amplification of cDNA ends, RACE) method and sequenced. The cDNA encoded a precursor of the insect toxin of 88 amino acid residues, including a signal peptide of(More)
The expressions of reference genes used in gene expression studies are assumed to be stable under most circumstances. However, a number of studies had demonstrated that such genes were found to vary under experimental conditions. In addition, genes that are stably expressed in an organ may not be stably expressed in other organs or other organisms,(More)
Lung cancer is a common cancer, and expression profiling can provide an accurate indication to advance the medical intervention. However, this requires the availability of stably expressed genes as reference. Recent studies had shown that genes that are stably expressed in a tissue may not be stably expressed in other tissues suggesting the need to identify(More)
Escherichia coli is commonly found in intestine of human, and any changes in their adaptation or evolution may affect the human body. The relationship between E. coli and food additives is less studied as compared to antibiotics. E. coli within our human gut are consistently interacting with the food additives; thus, it is important to investigate this(More)
We report the development of an open-sourced data warehouse builder, InterBase Data Warehouse Builder (IB-DWB), based on Borland InterBase 6 Open Edition Database Server. InterBase 6 is used for its low maintenance and small footprint. IB-DWB is designed modularly and consists of 5 main components, Data Plug Platform, Discoverer Platform, Multi-Dimensional(More)
Antibiotics resistance is a serious biomedical issue as formally susceptible organisms gain resistance under its selective pressure. There have been contradictory results regarding the prevalence of resistance following withdrawal and disuse of the specific antibiotics. Here, we use experimental evolution in "digital organisms" to examine the rate of gain(More)