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Adenovirus type 2 coded single-stranded DNA binding protein: in vivo phosphorylation and modification.
The adenovirus type 2-coded single-stranded DNA binding protein (DBP) was shown to be a phosphoprotein and to exist in at least two forms that differ in mobility by sodium dodecylExpand
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Non-Governmental Organisations in Sports Development
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Respiration and glycolysis of human cells grown in tissue culture.
Abstract The respiration and glycolysis of nine human cell lines grown in continuous tissue culture have been examined; 5 derived from normal and 4 from malignant tissues. In addition, 2 sublines ofExpand
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Biochemical studies on adenovirus multiplication. II. Kinetics of nucleic acid and protein synthesis in suspension cultures.
Abstract KB cells growing exponentially in suspension were infected with type 2 adenovirus at high input multiplicities. An increase in intracellular virus was first detected at 14 hours afterExpand
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Polypeptides encoded by transforming region E 1b of human adenovirus 2: immunoprecipitation from transformed and infected cells and cell-free translation of E 1b-specific mRNA.
Abstract We have identified polypeptides specific to region Elb (map position [mp] 4.6–112) of adenovirus 2 (Ad2) that are synthesized in six lines of Ad-transformed rat or human cells (F17, F4,Expand
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Improving sexually transmitted disease management in the private sector: the Jamaica experience.
OBJECTIVES To improve the quality of sexually transmitted disease (STD) case management in Jamaica by providing comprehensive continuing medical education to private practitioners who manage 60% ofExpand
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Identification of genomic sequences that mediate the induction of the endoplasmic reticulum stress protein, ERp72, by protein traffic.
ERp72, a resident protein of the endoplasmic reticulum (ER) is both a stress protein and a member of the protein disulfide isomerase family of proteins. Analysis of the murine ERp72 promoter regionExpand
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Mutational and functional analysis of an essential subdomain of the adenovirus E1A N-terminal transcription repression domain.
Adenovirus early gene 1A (E1A) possesses a potent transcriptional repression function within the first 80 amino acids (E1A 1-80). Our previous analysis of subdomain 1 (residues 1 to 30) revealedExpand
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NF-Y, a CCAAT box-binding protein, is one of the trans-acting factors necessary for the response of the murine ERp72 gene to protein traffic.
The accumulation of incompletely assembled immunoglobulin mu heavy chain in transfected COS cells stimulates the cellular response to protein traffic that results in the increased transcription andExpand
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Recombinant JC viral DNA: verification and physical map of prototype.
Abstract Genomic DNA of the human polyomavirus JC was molecularly cloned from DNA extracted from primary human fetal glial cells infected with prototype (MAD-1) virus and from diseased brain tissueExpand
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