Maurice G. Cox

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Severe corrosion problems associated with vapour con-densates have been experienced at Felixton Sugar Mill over the past few seasons. Routine analyses from the 1989/90 season .onw~rd.s have pinpointed the problem as being due to acetic aCid m the condensate. The acetic acid has been shown to originate from the acetyl hydrolysis of the hemi-cellulose(More)
The theory and development of a probe measuring electrical properties at radio frequencies for use in sugar processing is discussed. Basic relationships between the physical properties and the reactance and resistance of massecuites and syrupsare given. It is shown that the newsystem is less sensitive to encrustation than conductivity measurements and can(More)
Numerical quantification of the results from a measurement uncertainty computation is considered in terms of the inputs to that computation. The primary output is often an approximation to the PDF (probability density function) for the univariate or multivariate measur-and (the quantity intended to be measured). All results of interest can be derived from(More)
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