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The specifications of filter banks for multicarrier transmission systems with a large number of subchannels are discussed, with application to xDSL and power line communication in mind.The near PR modulated approach is considered and the importance, for the system, of the protype filter delay is stressed. An existing design technique known to be(More)
An efficient method is presented to restore a block in an image, using a reduced set of border pixels. The basic assumption is that, if the set of pixels consisting of the missing block and its border pixels is transformed by the DCT, the high frequency coefficients obtained can be set to zero. A system of linear equations results, whose solution yields(More)
This paper concentrates on an efficient prototype filter design in the context of filter bank based multicarrier (FBMC) transmission. An advantage of the chosen method, frequency sampling technique, is that near perfect reconstruction prototype filters can be expressed using a closed-form representation with only a few adjustable parameters. The performance(More)