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This article describes a novel way of combining data mining techniques on Internet data in order to discover actionable marketing intelligence in electronic commerce scenarios. The data that is considered not only covers various types of server and web meta information, but also marketing data and knowledge. Furthermore, heterogeneity resolution thereof and(More)
Managers of electronic commerce sites need to learn as much as possible about their customers and those browsing their virtual premises, in order to maximise the return on marketing expenditure. The discovery of marketing related navigation patterns requires the development of data mining algorithms capable of the discovery of sequential access patterns(More)
Brain Computer Interaction (BCI) has mainly been utilized for communication and control, but it may also find application as a channel for creative expression, as part of an entertainment package. In this paper we provide an initial investigation on how creativity can be supported and assessed. An art-based approach was adopted to investigate the effects of(More)
The technologies underpinning smart homes offer promising solutions in the realm of assistive living. At present, there are a number of smart home applications being developed with a raft of technologies that provide fragments of the necessary functionality. Nevertheless, there is currently a major gap between these endeavours and the vision of smart homes(More)