Maurice Couret

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Since the purpose of this paper is to record the cultivation of amoebae upon autolyzed tissue without bacterial association, the morphological characteristics, life cycle, means of differentiating species, and pathogenicity of the protozoa have been omitted. These subjects will be considered in later publications. The result of this study proves that some(More)
Fatal leprosy, with all its clinical and pathological manifestations in man, may be experimentally induced in the monkey (Macacus rhesus) with a pure culture of the acid-fast bacillus cultivated by one of us (Duval) from a leprous lesion in man. To produce the disease experimentally, it seems necessary to give the animal repeated injections of large numbers(More)
The first attempts to propagate amoebm upon artificial media date f rom Cunningham's 1 work in I879, or possibly f rom Auerback's 2 in 1856. Unti l the recent work of Will iams 3 in I 9 n multiplication of these protozoa was obtained only in association with living bacteria, as the earlier reports of Kartulis, 4 Casagrandi and Barbagallo,~ Tsujitani, 6(More)
Before proceeding to a discussion of the experiments upon cold-blooded animals, it is necessary to review briefly some of the work recently done with the bacillus of leprosy. The appearance of the bacillus in man and its behavior under artificial cultivation, and in the tissues of lower animals, should be considered in order that comparisons may be drawn.(More)
Collagen arthritis is an experimental model for rheumatoid arthritis which is induced in susceptible DBA/1 mice after immunization with native type II collagen (CII). All immunized mice exhibit a humoral response to CII regardless of the occurrence of articular pathology. In order to further analyze the determinants recognized on the CII molecule, we have(More)
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