Maurice A. Biot

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The previously derived expressions for the incremental elastic coefficients of an isotropic medium under initial stress are applied to rubbertype elasticity. As a corollary an exact theory is obtained for the surface instability of such material under compression. It is found that in plane strain the incremental properties remain isotropic and are(More)
The Thermodynamics of linear irreversible processes is presented from a unified viewpoint. This provides a new and synthetic approach to the linear mechanics of deformation of solids, which includes as particular cases the classical theory of Elasticity, Thermoelasticity and Viscoelasticity. The first two sections constitute an introduction to the general(More)
Equations of elasticity and consolidation for a porous elastic material containing a fluid have been previously established (1, 5).3 General solutions of these equations for the isotropic case are developed, giving directly the displacement field or the stress field in analogy with the Boussinesq-Papkovitch solution and the stress functions of the theory of(More)
A preliminary theory is established for the stability of e visooelastio leyer sandwiched in an infinitely extended medium of another visooelastio materiel when s compressive force is acting in a direction parallel with the layer. The instability is menifested by e folding of the layer. It is shown that in general there exists e lower and & higher critical(More)