Mauri Myllyaho

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Post-mortem analysis (PMA) is an empirical study method in software engineering. It is an important, but often forgotten, way of gathering empirical knowledge. PMA is ideally performed either soon after the most important milestones and events or at the end of a project, both in successful and unsuccessful software development projects. The benefit is that(More)
This paper presents foundations for building mobile environmental information systems (MEIS) that require a multidisciplinary approach. MEIS require expertise from environmental biology, geography and mobile technology. MEIS are very promising in bringing added value in the acquisition of environmental information with a multitude of mobile devices.(More)
This paper is an introduction to the domain of wireless games. It presents a brief history of mobile gaming, a number of important technologies and introduces classification and evaluation concepts and criteria. A multi-player, multi-platform card game developed in the University of Oulu, is used to present authors' own experiences in this field.
In the recent years, the software engineering community has been showing a growing interest in agile development methodologies. These have emerged out of the need for faster, more flexible and efficient processes for software development. Currently the best known agile method is extreme programming (XP). XP addresses issues concerning changing requirements(More)
Environmental information systems (EIS) have been in professional use for quite a long time. Applications of this domain often include features of quite common location based services (LBS). This means utilization of space-, timeand content-oriented data for positioning and routing services with various maps. Firstly, new integrated technology and lower(More)
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