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The proliferation of technology has dramatically altered many facets of American society, especially education and the workplace. However, a "digital divide" cuts across socioeconomic lines separating higher income families with technology access from lower income families without. This technology training project provided computer access and training to(More)
SSnetViz is an ongoing research to design and implement a visualization engine for heterogeneous semantic social networks. A semantic social network is a multi-modal network that contains nodes representing different types of people or object entities, and edges representing relationships among them. When multiple heterogeneous semantic social networks are(More)
The NHS Plan (DH 2000), consistent with earlier policy documents, emphasises the need for integrated working between health and social care. However, the path to achieving integration appears to be littered with as many failures of teamworking as successes. This paper reports on an evaluation of the development of a team of practitioners working with(More)
We pose the question of what is the best generalization of the factorial and the binomial coefficient. We give several examples, derive their combinatorial properties, and demonstrate their interrelationships. Généralisation des Coefficients du Binôme On cherche icì a déterminer est la meilleure généralisation possible des factorielles et des coefficients(More)
In this paper, we focus on the visualization of heterogeneous semantic networks obtained from multiple data sources. A semantic network comprising a set of entities and relationships is often used for representing knowledge derived from textual data or database records. Although the semantic networks created for the same domain at different data sources may(More)
Current aircraft engine nacelles typically contain acoustic liners consisting of perforated sheets bonded onto honeycomb cavities. Numerous models have been developed to predict the acoustic impedance of these liners in the presence of grazing flow, and to use that information with aeroacoustic propagation codes to assess nacelle liner noise suppression.(More)
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