Maureen Were

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Sub-Saharan Africa has one of the highest levels of teenage pregnancies in the world. In spite of that, there is paucity of empirical research on causes of teenage pregnancies in African countries. This paper investigates the determinants of teenage pregnancies based on a case study of Busia District in Kenya. The data are from a household survey conducted(More)
The paper empirically investigates the determinants of interest rate spread in Kenya’s banking sector based on panel data analysis. The findings show that bank-specific factors play a significant role in the determination of interest rate spreads. These include bank size, credit risk as measured by non-performing loans to total loans ratio, return on(More)
Supported by GTZ i ACKNOWLEDGEMENT We would like to acknowledge the excellent research assistantship of Phyllis Makau of Ministry of Finance and Planning. We also thank Mary Wandia of FEMNET and Dr. Karingi of KIPPRA for their valuable comments on an earlier draft and Jason Akoyo for data collection. We are grateful to those who through FEMNET pointed out(More)
Despite the growing literature on financial development-economic growth nexus, there is paucity of empirical studies that explore the impact of access to credit and economic performance at the sectoral country level, as an increasing number of studies largely focus on cross-country analyses. This paper investigates the impact of access to bank credit on the(More)
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