Maureen Tumolo

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Delivery of neurotrophic factors in acute models of spinal cord injury in adult rats can rescue axotomized neurons, promote axonal growth, and partially restore function. The extent to which repair and recovery of function can be achieved after chronic injury has received less attention. In the companion paper we show that transplanting fibroblasts(More)
In spinal cats, locomotor recovery without rehabilitation is limited, but weight-bearing stepping returns with treadmill training. We studied whether neurotrophins administered to the injury site also restores locomotion in untrained spinal cats and whether combining both neurotrophins and training further improves recovery. Ordinary rat fibroblasts or a(More)
Encapsulation of cells has the potential to provide a protective barrier against host immune cell interactions after grafting. Previously we have shown that alginate encapsulated BDNF-producing fibroblasts (Fb/BDNF) survived for one month in culture, made bioactive neurotrophins, survived transplantation into the injured spinal cord in the absence of immune(More)
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