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• Use a scale or scale factor to find a measurement. • Find actual lengths and areas from a scale drawing, using a scale factor. • Create multiple scale drawings from the original model or drawing,Expand
Tic-Tac-Toe on a Finite Plane
Everyone knows how to play tic-tac-toe. On an n x n board, if a player places n of her marks either horizontally, vertically, or diagonally before her opponent can do the same, then she wins theExpand
The Involutory Laguerre Transition Matrix
It’s unusual for a matrix to be its own inverse. Indeed, a quick poll suggests that many mathematicians do not even know the name for a matrix with this curious property. (Pssst! It’s involutory.)Expand
The Wallet Paradox Revisited
Put your wallet on the table next to mine. The game is this: The person whose wallet has less money wins all the money in the other person's wallet. Do you want to play? You might think along theseExpand
DVRs--A Superior Solution.
Indivisibles, Infinitesimals and a Tale of Seventeenth-Century Mathematics
Summary In this article, we describe clever arguments by Torricelli and Roberval that employ indivisibles to find the volume of Gabriel's trumpet and the area under the cycloid. We detailExpand
Invariance of the Wilansky property
The Wilatisky property was originally formulated as a property of FK spaces in 1987 by both G. Bennett [1] and W. Stadler [12], In 1991, A. K. Snyder and G. Stoudt [10] identified the WilanskyExpand