Maureen T. Hannah

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Research that combines correlational and experimental approaches in a search for aptitude-treatment interactions (ATI) is both inescapable and of potential benefit to the field. A number of epistemological and methodological issues regarding ATI research are discussed, ranging from the meaning of interaction to questions regarding the number of aptitudes(More)
This study generated an empirical, statistically based typology that used both symptom data and social functioning dimensions to define subtypes of seriously mentally ill patients. The intent of using social functioning information was to explore the degree to which it improves clinicians' understanding of and treatment planning for diverse subgroups of(More)
This study seeks to assess effective functioning within Erikson's epigenetic theory of development, in a sample of 143 Elderhostel participants who were administered the Inventory of Psychosocial Balance (IPB) and the California Psychological Inventory (CPI) Self-Realization (Sr) scale. A correlational analysis indicated no major systematic sex differences,(More)
Mothers and domestic violence advocates have been complaining for many years about problems in the custody court system that have resulted in large numbers of children being sent to live with abusive fathers while safe, protective mothers are denied any meaningful relationship with their children. Courts have tended to dismiss the complaints by referring to(More)
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