Maureen Rigney

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BACKGROUND Online support communities are popular in use by patients with cancer and their families for emotional, informational, and social support. Nonetheless, most research has focused on diagnoses other than lung cancer, indicating a need for studies to include more diverse participants and cancer conditions. OBJECTIVE Our aim was to describe the(More)
INTRODUCTION Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer death, yet public engagement with efforts against lung cancer is low. Public engagement with a cancer is critical to efforts to combat it, yet the reasons for low support for efforts against lung cancer have not been systematically characterized. METHODS We conducted a telephone survey of 1,071(More)
192 Background: The 5-year observed survival rate for a stage IV non-small cell lung cancer patient is one percent. Such a small survival rate begs the questions of how these survivors might feel. Society implies that these now "survivors" should feel relieved; lucky; even ecstatic, but many survivors feel a deep-seated sense of guilt. This feeling of(More)
OBJECTIVE We sought to understand the experiences of patients with lung cancer and to see if attitudes varied by demographic factors. METHODS We administered a 63-question survey by phone or online among 174 patients with lung cancer. Factor analysis was used to identify two groups of questions with a conceptual relationship and high Cronbach's alphas,(More)
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