Maureen Phillips

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This study evaluates the use of a multidrug resistance (MDR) modulator (verapamil) in combination with a standard dose of single-agent etoposide in relapsed or refractory paediatric malignancy. A total of 20 patients (median age 6.5 years) were treated with an infusion of verapamil (loading dose 0.1 mg kg-1, followed by continuous infusion 0.15 mg kg-1 h-1)(More)
A single 9-MeV electron treatment, following invasive thoracic procedures in patients with malignant pleural mesothelioma, was examined. In all, 58 sites were randomised to prophylactic radiotherapy or not. There was no statistically significant difference in tract metastasis. A single 10-Gy treatment with 9-MeV electrons appears ineffective.
OBJECTIVE The purpose of this study was to identify factors confounding high-resolution ultrasonographic measurements of the ulnar nerve to test their influence when discriminating between limbs affected and unaffected by ulnar nerve entrapment (UNE) at the elbow. METHODS High-resolution ultrasonographic measurements of ulnar nerve dimensions at the elbow(More)
The effect of cocaine administered prior to memory reactivation on the subsequent acquisition of an avoidance response was investigated. Two noncontingent footshocks were administered to rats in the black compartment of a one-way avoidance chamber. Twenty-four hours later, cocaine or saline was administered 5 min prior to a 30-s reactivation treatment(More)
We previously demonstrated that cocaine administered immediately prior to a reactivation episode comprised of re-exposure to selected features of the original fear-conditioning session alters subsequent memory retrieval or reconsolidation. In the present study we determined that, similar to pre-reactivation administration, post-reactivation administration(More)
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