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Building Dialogic Relationships through the World Wide Web.
Abstract This article provides a theory-based, strategic framework to facilitate relationship building with publics through the World Wide Web. Although many essays on the Web have appeared inExpand
Toward a dialogic theory of public relations
Abstract This essay clarifies the concept of dialogue in public relations. As public relations theory and research move toward a two-way relational communication model, many scholars andExpand
Dialogic Engagement: Clarifying Foundational Concepts
The principle of engagement underlies much of the relational and organization–public communication research. Unfortunately, the principle of engagement suffers from a lack of clarity in the publicExpand
How activist organizations are using the Internet to build relationships
Abstract This study examines the mediated communication of activist organizations to understand how these groups use their Web sites to build relationships with publics. A study of one hundredExpand
Public relations: State of the field
Public relations is both a professional practice and a subfield of communication with its own research and theory base. Public relations is relatively young as an academic field, however, havingExpand
The relationship between Web site design and organizational responsiveness to stakeholders
Abstract The Internet and World Wide Web are emerging as important public relations tools for both profit and non-profit organizations. Little evidence exists, however, about the extent to which newExpand
Cultural variance as a challenge to global public relations: A case study of the Coca-Cola scare in Europe
Abstract On June 14, 1999, school children in Belgium became ill after drinking Coca-Cola. The Belgian government ordered a recall of all bottles of Coca-Cola and banned the sale of all related CokeExpand
Diffusion of traditional and new media tactics in crisis communication
The Internet is emerging as an important tool for organizations to communicate with journalists and publics. This article reports the results of a five point-in-time study of organizational use ofExpand
From Homo Economicus to Homo dialogicus: Rethinking social media use in CSR communication
Abstract This essay explores corporate social responsibility (CSR) communication through social media. Today, corporations across the world enact CSR campaigns and use social media as one tool toExpand
The effects of organizational Twitter interactivity on organization–public relationships
Abstract Social media sites such as Twitter provide organizations with the ability to interact directly with publics. Previous research has suggested that web-based relationship building is dependentExpand