Maureen O'Sullivan

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BACKGROUND Neuroblastoma is a paediatric cancer of the sympathetic nervous system. The single most important genetic indicator of poor clinical outcome is amplification of the MYCN transcription factor. One of many down-stream MYCN targets is miR-184, which is either directly or indirectly repressed by this transcription factor, possibly due to its(More)
  • Darren J Schofield, Anthony R Pope, Veronica Clementel, Jenny Buckell, Susan DJ Chapple, Kay F Clarke +23 others
  • 2007
We have created a high quality phage display library containing over 1010 human antibodies and describe its use in the generation of antibodies on an unprecedented scale. We have selected, screened and sequenced over 38,000 recombinant antibodies to 292 antigens, yielding over 7,200 unique clones. 4,400 antibodies were characterized by specificity testing(More)
  • Isabella Bray, Kenneth Bryan, Suzanne Prenter, Patrick G. Buckley, Niamh H. Foley, Derek M. Murphy +10 others
  • 2009
MiRNAs regulate gene expression at a post-transcriptional level and their dysregulation can play major roles in the pathogenesis of many different forms of cancer, including neuroblastoma, an often fatal paediatric cancer originating from precursor cells of the sympathetic nervous system. We have analyzed a set of neuroblastoma (n = 145) that is broadly(More)
Most people are unable to detect accurately when others are lying. Many explanations for this inability have been suggested but the cognitive heuristics involved in lie detection have received little attention. The present study offers evidence from two experiments, based on two different groups of observers, judging two different kinds of lies, presented(More)
Malingering occupies a range on a continuum from biased self-perception to conscious, deliberate, serious lies. One aspect of this continuum is the element of self-conscious or deliberate control. Suggestions from Darwin's writings concerning the role of voluntary and involuntary activation of the facial muscles are examined and illustrated with data from a(More)
INTRODUCTION Necrotizing fasciitis in neonates is rare and is associated with almost 50% mortality. Although more than 80 cases of neonates (under one month of age) with necrotizing fasciitis have been reported in the literature, only six of them are identified as originating in the scrotum. CASE PRESENTATION We report the case of a four-week-old,(More)
  • Srinivas R. Viswanathan, John T. Powers, William Einhorn, Yujin Hoshida, Tony Ng, Sara Toffanin +18 others
  • 2009
Multiple members of the let-7 family of miRNAs are often repressed in human cancers1,2, thereby promoting oncogenesis by de-repressing the targets K-Ras, c-Myc, and HMGA2 3,4. However, the mechanism by which let-7 miRNAs are coordinately repressed is unclear. The RNA-binding Users may view, print, copy, and download text and data-mine the content in such(More)
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