Maureen Mintz

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Serial ultrasound examinations were performed during the third trimester in 79 pregnant women with diabetes to establish the onset of accelerated fetal growth. At least three ultrasound examinations were performed, with a minimum scan interval of 2 weeks. Growth curves constructed for femur length and head circumference were similar for fetuses appropriate(More)
With ultrasound monitoring, analysis of the behavior of uterine leiomyomas (fibroids) and their impact on the course of pregnancy was undertaken in a group of 113 patients. Fibroid size changes were analyzed on the basis of trimesters. In the second trimester, smaller fibroids increased in size, whereas larger fibroids decreased in size. In the third(More)
The MR features of uterine anomalies were analyzed in eight women. Scans were done on a 1.5-T magnet with T1-weighted (TR 600 msec, TE 25 msec) and T2-weighted (TR 2000-2500 msec, TE 35-80 msec) spin-echo images obtained in several planes. The anomalies consisted of bicornuate uterus (three cases), septate uterus (one case), bicornuate uterus with septation(More)
To investigate the impact of low-level lead exposure on children's behavior within a natural setting, we assessed the school performance of a sample of 141 elementary school children classified according to dentine lead level. Twenty-two children had “elevated” levels (≥20 parts per million), 71 had “midrange” levels (10.0–19.9 parts per million), and 48(More)
Twenty-two women with previous malignancies of the pelvis were examined with magnetic resonance (MR) imaging. In 21 of 22 patients, the MR imaging findings were confirmed with laparotomy on transvaginal biopsy. Twelve of the 22 patients had recurrent tumors; ten had a localized fibrotic mass, and two were found to have coexistent local fibrotic masses and(More)
Fifty-six consecutively transplanted renal allografts were prospectively evaluated with serial Doppler sonographic examinations. Thirty-eight episodes of transplant rejection in 32 patients (63% proved pathologically) and 24 episodes of acute tubular necrosis (ATN) in 24 patients were encountered. The Doppler spectral waveform was characterized by means of(More)
Fifty-eight patients with focal mass lesions involving the gastrointestinal tract were studied retrospectively. The diagnostic value of CT scans was seen by assessing the barium studies alone, then by combined review of radiographs and CT scans. Patient management decision making was similarly evaluated. CT scanning aided in diagnosis of the focal masses in(More)
In view of the lack of ionizing radiation, ability to image in a variety of planes, and high contrast resolution, magnetic resonance (MR) imaging may have a role in obstetrical management. Three fetuses with severe cerebral abnormalities were studied by MR in utero. The findings were correlated with ultrasound examinations and with autopsy results.(More)
CT and ultrasound have become invaluable diagnostic tools in the radiologic evaluation of the traumatized and acutely ill patient. CT is the imaging modality of choice in blunt abdominal trauma, retroperitoneal injury and some types of pelvic injury. Ultrasound plays an important role in the evaluation of patients presenting with right upper quadrant pain,(More)