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BACKGROUND It is uncertain whether lower levels of staffing by nurses at hospitals are associated with an increased risk that patients will have complications or die. METHODS We used administrative data from 1997 for 799 hospitals in 11 states (covering 5,075,969 discharges of medical patients and 1,104,659 discharges of surgical patients) to examine the(More)
OBJECTIVES To use audiotape analysis to describe communication patterns in primary care, to relate these to ideal relationship types as described in the literature, and to explore the patterns' relationships with physician and patient characteristics and satisfaction. DESIGN Description of routine communication in primary care based on audiotape analysis(More)
PURPOSE Early-stage breast cancers are biologically heterogeneous and vary in clinical behavior, supporting the role of factors other than tumor size and lymph node involvement as outcome determinants. We evaluated the effect of epidemiologic breast cancer risk factors on recurrence in women with early-stage disease. PATIENTS AND METHODS Medical records(More)
The HIV prevalence, among patients either undergoing, or with the potential to undergo, surgery were estimated using data from unlinked anonymous HIV surveys of patients in Glasgow hospitals during 1992-1997 in order to quantify the risk of surgeons acquiring HIV occupationally in the era of post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP) availability. A range of(More)
We construct national estimates of the cost of increasing hospital nurse staffing and associated reductions in days, deaths, and adverse outcomes. Raising the proportion of nursing hours provided by registered nurses (RNs) without increasing total nursing hours is associated with a net reduction in costs. Increasing nursing hours, with or without increasing(More)
Four cases of malignant peripheral nerve sheath tumour showing vascular differentiation are described. One case was associated with neurofibromatosis 1 and contained angiosarcomatous, cartilaginous and rhabdomyoblastic elements. The other cases occurred in patients without neurofibromatosis and showed a spectrum of vascular lesions ranging from lobulated,(More)
Hospitals, nurses, the media, Congress, and the private sector are increasingly concerned about shortages of registered nurses (RNs) and the impact on safety and quality of patient care. Findings from a growing number of studies provide evidence of a relationship between hospital nurse staffing and adverse outcomes experienced by medical and surgical(More)
BACKGROUND Administrative data are an attractive data source for the construction of quality indicators to assess and monitor quality of nursing care in hospitals. Current approaches to constructing measures from discharge abstracts apply substantial restrictions to exclude patients at high risk or with preexisting conditions. This study evaluates whether(More)