Maureen Henninger

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Micronutrients are crucial to healthy growth and development, yet a large proportion of the world’s population suffers from micronutrient deficiencies. Biofortification of staple foods has tremendous potential to alleviate these deficiencies. Potato production in developing countries is increasing rapidly, and therefore, biofortification of potatoes for(More)
Potato production in the eastern United States occurs over a wide range of environments from Maine to Florida; many of these states do not have a breeding program. Initial selections are usually made at the breeding location for more than 2 years before undergoing evaluation elsewhere, at which point, few clones remain from the original population. The(More)
Peter Wilcox is a new, medium-maturing, purple-skinned, yellow-fleshed potato cultivar for the fresh market. Peter Wilcox also produces light-colored chips, although it is being released primarily as a fresh market potato because of its skin and flesh colors. Tubers are attractive, smooth, with dark purple-skin, oblong shape and moderate size. Yellow-flesh(More)
Elkton is a medium to medium-late maturing potato variety with tan netted-skin, round-oval tubers, and white-flesh. Average marketable yields ranged from 76 % to 113 % of Atlantic and average specific gravities ranged from −0.002 to −0.006 less than Atlantic depending on location. Chip color processed directly from the field in southern locations or from(More)
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