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Obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA) is characterized by abnormal breathing during sleep, and occurs when the upper airway is obstructed but respiratory effort continues. Causes of OSA include obesity, overindulgence in alcohol, and the use of sedatives. The patient complains of unrefreshed sleep, morning headaches and drowsiness, sometimes leading to depression(More)
OBJECTIVE AND DESIGN : To retrospectively describe the recovery of cellular immunity and the clinical outcome of 30 patients with HIV-associated Burkitt's lymphoma (HIV-BL), who were treated with the intensive chemotherapy CODOX-M/IVAC and HAART as part of their standard care. PATIENTS AND METHODS : Seventy-three percent of the patients had high-risk(More)
Plasma cell myeloma (PCM) is an essentially incurable neoplastic disorder of terminally differentiated B cells. The neoplastic clone usually secretes a monoclonal protein in the serum or urine (the 'M band'). About 20% of PCM secrete light chains only, which are detectable in the urine as Bence Jones protein. The clinical picture is one of bone marrow(More)
Varicella and herpes zoster can be serious or even fatal diseases in immunocompromised patients. However, they can be prevented or markedly attenuated by the administration of zoster-immune globulin (ZIG) or zoster-immune plasma (ZIP), but there is no established treatment once these disorders have occurred. Eight such patients were treated with ZIP, with(More)
e15185 Background: DIM acts as an anti-androgen which down-regulates the androgen receptor (AR) and prostate specific antigen (PSA). We conducted a biomarker trial to measure the level of DIM and its effects on AR in prostate tissue after treatment of prostate cancer (PCa) patients with BR-DIM. METHODS Patients with clinically confined PCa who were(More)
BACKGROUND Functional dyspepsia is characterized by upper abdominal pain or discomfort. AIM To assess the benefit of the 5-HT3-receptor antagonist alosetron in a pilot, dose-ranging, placebo-controlled, multicentre, randomized clinical trial. METHODS A total of 320 functional dyspepsia patients received placebo (n=81), or alosetron 0.5 mg b.d. (n=77),(More)
BACKGROUND Ambulatory pH monitoring is considered the gold standard for measuring oesophageal acid exposure, however, data comparing antimony and glass electrodes are limited. AIM To compare the accuracy of the Slimline antimony pH monitoring system and a conventional glass electrode catheter pH monitoring system during ambulatory conditions. METHODS(More)
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