Maureen H Tang

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OBJECTIVES To develop and validate new birth-weight prediction models in Chinese pregnant women using fractional thigh volume. METHODS Healthy late third-trimester fetuses within 5 days of delivery were prospectively examined using two- (2D) and three- (3D) dimensional ultrasonography. Measurements were performed using 2D ultrasound for standard fetal(More)
The development of improved catalysts for the hydrogen evolution reaction (HER) and hydrogen oxidation reaction (HOR) in basic electrolytes remains a major technical obstacle to improved fuel cells, water electrolyzers, and other devices for electrochemical energy storage and conversion. Based on the free energy of adsorbed hydrogen intermediates, theory(More)
Understanding electrical percolation and charging mechanisms in electrochemically active biphasic flowable electrodes is critical for enabling scalable deionization (desalination) and energy storage. Flowable electrodes are dynamic material systems which store charge (remove ions) and have the ability to flow. This flow process can induce structural changes(More)
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