Maureen G. Jones

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Although ants perform many critical functions in forested ecosystems, little is known about how they respond to timber harvesting, especially in temperate systems. We examined ground-foraging ant communities and 11 forest characteristics in temperate conifer forests of southwestern Oregon, USA that ranged in age from 5 to 427 years. Seven forest(More)
A method was developed for exposing riceseedlings to low temperatures for shortperiods. These seedlings were from 70F9 inbred lines derived originallyfrom a hybrid of a salt tolerant cultivar,which provided a source of resistance toabiotic stress, and a non salt tolerantcultivar as the other parent. Seedlingswere grown hydroponically in a warm growthroom(More)
SUMMARY The aerodynamic design and experimental performance of a centrifugal compressor designed for a pressure ratio of 6.5 and a specific speed of 68 are described, The compressor consisted of a radially-vaned impeller and a transonic, vaned radial diffuser. At design speed a peak overall total-to-total isentropic efficiency of 0.746 was achieved at the(More)
THIS paper presents comparisons of predicted impedance uncertainty limits derived from Monte-Carlotype simulations with a Two-Parameter (TP) impedance prediction model and measured impedance uncertainty limits based on multiple tests acquired in NASA Langley test rigs. These predicted and measured impedance uncertainty limits are used to evaluate the(More)
The flow characteristics of multiphase gas-solid flow in a pneumatic conveyor were investigated experimentally and numerically. Experiments were conducted to acquire the static pressure at certain cross-sections of a fine powder pneumatic conveying pipeline with a length of 26 m and an inner diameter of 53 mm. The conveyed material was fly ash with a mean(More)
Acoustics measurements of a Pratt & Whitney full-scale ADP (Advanced Ducted Propulsor), an ultrahigh by-pass ratio engine, were conducted in the NASA Ames 40by 80-Foot Wind Tunnel. This paper presents data from measurements taken from sensors on a fan exit guide vane in the ADP. Data from two sensors, one at mid-span and the other at the tip of the fan exit(More)
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