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Perfluorooctane sulfonate (PFOS) is a degradation product of sulfonyl-based fluorochemicals that are used extensively in industrial and household applications. Humans and wildlife are exposed to this class of compounds from several sources. Toxicity tests in rodents have raised concerns about potential developmental, reproductive, and systemic effects of(More)
The purpose of this study was to examine whether acute stress exposure would alter the ataxic properties of midazolam or ethanol in rats. Rats were administered either vehicle or FG 7142 (10 mg/kg) and placed back in their home cages, or placed in restraining tubes for 90 min. Three and one-half or 24 h following injection all subjects were then(More)
Diabetes is characterized by hyperphagia, polydypsia and activation of the HPA axis. However, the mechanisms by which diabetes produces these effects are not clear. This study was conducted to examine the effects of diabetes on the neuroendocrine system and to see if treatment with insulin and/or leptin is capable of reversing these effects.(More)
Modification of the two existing DIII-D neutral beam lines is proposed to allow vertical steering to provide off-axis neutral beam current drive (NBCD) as far off-axis as half the plasma radius. New calculations indicate very good current drive with good localization off-axis as long as the toroidal magnetic field, B T , and the plasma current, I p , are in(More)
The spatial structure of toroidal Alfvén eigenmodes and reversed shear Alfvén eigenmodes in DIII-D is obtained from electron-cyclotron-emission measurements. Peak measured temperature perturbations are of similar magnitude for both toroidal Alfvén eigenmodes and reversed shear Alfvén eigenmodes and found to be deltaT(e)/T(e) approximately equal to 0.5%.(More)
Neutral beam injection into reversed magnetic shear DIII-D plasmas produces a variety of Alfvénic activity including Toroidicity and Ellipticity induced Alfvén Eigenmodes (TAE/EAE, respectively) and Reversed Shear Alfvén Eigenmodes (RSAE) as well as their spatial coupling. These modes are typically studied during the discharge current ramp phase when(More)
The coupling between the transport and magnetic topology is an important issue because the structure of magnetic islands, embedded in a toroidal equilibrium field, depends on the nature of the transport at the edge of the islands. Measurements of modulated heat pulse propagation in the DIII-D tokamak have revealed the existence of self-regulated(More)
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The Research Laboratory of Electronics is an interdepartmental laboratory in which faculty members and graduate students from numerous academic departments conduct research. Reproduction in whole or in part is permitted for any purpose of the United States Government. Qualified requesters may obtain copies of this report from DDC. Abstract In this report, a(More)
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