Maureen Duane

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Net uptake of carbon from the atmosphere (net ecosystem production, NEP) is dependent on climate, disturbance history, management practices, forest age, and forest type. To improve understanding of the influence of these factors on forest carbon stocks and flux in the western United States, federal inventory data and supplemental field measurements at(More)
The ozonolytic decomposition of terpenes and terpenoids during sampling on Tenax is investigated in an artificial air system at ambient concentration levels. The detrimental effect of 8-150 ppbv ozone depends on the chemical structure of the compounds:  saturated terpenoids such as 1,8-cineole, camphor, and bornyl acetate are unaffected by ozone. The(More)
A novel approach for measuring vertical profiles of HCs and particle number concentrations was described and applied in the low troposphere over Milan (Italy) during typical spring and summer days. Particle profiles yielded nearly homogeneous concentrations below the mixing height, with level-to-ground concentration ratios of 92-97%, while HCs showed a more(More)
A new transtracheal bronchoalveolar lavage technique for the diagnosis of respiratory disease in sheep under field conditions was tested in 76 sheep. The sheep were divided into three groups, normal sheep, sheep with clinical signs of respiratory disease and housed sheep, on the basis of their respiratory disease history and husbandry conditions. The(More)
We intend to turn the reader's attention towards CMOS (Complementary Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor), the mainstream semiconductor technology. Within a decade, silicon CMOS devices will be 200 atoms long and 50 atoms deep. Of 50 billion devices on a chip only 64 may fail. This calls for extreme control of atomistic processes. We review research topics in basic(More)
The European Ozone Directive 2002/3/EC specifies the analysis of 30 individual C2-C9 hydrocarbons in urban air with the attribution of emission sources to pollution concentrations as a major objective. In the present study, we investigate an approach for source apportionment of these ozone precursor hydrocarbons in urban air based on reliable semi(More)