Maureen C Thompson

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PURPOSE To investigate the safety and efficacy of a novel angled-bristled toothbrush in comparison with three established brushes. METHODS The Oral-B CrossAction Vitalizer toothbrush was compared with two manual toothbrushes, the Oral-B CrossAction and Oral-B Advantage, and the battery-operated Crest SpinBrush Pro brush in three independent single-use,(More)
OBJECTIVE This randomised, examiner-blind parallel group study was designed to evaluate the safety and efficacy of a rechargeable oscillating/pulsating toothbrush (Oral-B ProfessionalCare 7000, Oral-B Laboratories; PC 7000) and a battery-operated toothbrush (Crest SpinBrush Pro, Procter & Gamble Company; SBP) in the reduction of gingivitis, bleeding and(More)
OBJECTIVES To compare the safety and plaque removal efficacy of two oscillating/rotating/pulsating toothbrushes (Oral-B ProfessionalCare 7000 [PC 7000] and Oral-B 3D Excel [3DE]) and a high-frequency toothbrush (Sonicare Advance, Philips Oral Healthcare; SA) in a single-use, examiner-blind, three period crossover study. METHODS After refraining from all(More)
OBJECTIVES To compare the safety and efficacy of an oscillating/pulsating power toothbrush (Oral-B ProfessionalCareTM 7000; PC 7000) fitted with either the standard FlexiSoft (PC 7000/EB17) brush head or the novel Pro Polisher (PC 7000/ EB-Prophy) and a high-frequency toothbrush (Philips Sonicare Elite; SE), in their relative ability to remove plaque and(More)
OBJECTIVE To compare the safety and efficacy of a novel battery-operated interdental cleaning device (Oral-B Hummingbird) [ID], fitted with either a flossette or pick attachment, versus hand-held dental floss in the reduction of plaque and gingivitis when combined with manual tooth brushing over a 30-day period. METHODOLOGY This randomized, examiner(More)
BACKGROUND The Rustogi et al. Modified Navy (RMNPI) and Turesky et al Modification of the Quigley Hein (TQHPI) plaque indices are commonly used to measure plaque removal. This study evaluated the possible correlations of both indices using data relative to a single use assessment of plaque removal using commercially available toothbrushes. METHODS Single(More)
OBJECTIVES To compare the safety and plaque removal efficacy of two electric toothbrushes, one a rechargeable oscillating/pulsating toothbrush with a small round brush head (Oral-B ProfessionalCare 7000; PC 7000), the other a battery-operated toothbrush with a dual moving brush head (Crest SpinBrush Pro; SBP). METHODS The study had a randomised,(More)